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Strawberry Diet Strawberry Not A Fruit Advantages Of Strawberry
  • Strawberry Diet Strawberry Not A Fruit Advantages Of Strawberry
  • Strawberry Diet Strawberry Not A Fruit Advantages Of Strawberry
  • Strawberry Diet Strawberry Not A Fruit Advantages Of Strawberry
  • Strawberry Diet Strawberry Not A Fruit Advantages Of Strawberry
  • Strawberry Diet Strawberry Not A Fruit Advantages Of Strawberry

Strawberry Diet Strawberry Not A Fruit Advantages Of Strawberry

Product Description


Asahi strawberry is China's Shenyang Agricultural University to Ming crystal for the female, beauty for the male parental cultivation, in 1995 through the approved name. Plant growth potential, upright, average plant height 30.6cm, leaf large and thick, oval, peduncle thicker, and the leaves are high, single plant average inflorescence 1.5, stolon reproductive ability. Fruit is nearly round, uniform and neat, fruit red and shiny, evenly colored, sepals flat paste, easy to escape calyx, flesh pink, fragrant, sweet and sour taste, excellent quality, soluble solids content of 9.1%, vitamin C64.3mg / 100g. The average fruit weight of a second order fruit was 16.4 g and the maximum fruit weight was 38 g. Mingrui strawberry open field cultivation, per acre yield 1000kg, higher than Baoqian early, fruit more storage and transportation, disease resistance. As the fruit is basically floating growth, not with the ground contact, the fruit does not pollute, no powdery mildew, gray mold and other diseases. Mingxu is a precocious variety, mature than Baoqian early 6 days ahead, plant cold resistance, no frost damage. Mingrui strawberry suitable for Liaoning Province and other northern areas open field cultivation, cultivation should be appropriate close planting, per acre cultivation of about 12,000 


Chunxu strawberries in Jiangsu Province, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Horticulture to Chunxiang or Polish varieties of breeding, 2000 validation and named. Plant growth potential medium, more open, 29cm tall, coronal diameter of about 23cm, leaf blade oblong, leaflets 6-10, leaf blade smooth, petiole slender, leaf base slightly reddish brown; In or above the foliage, each plant has 2-3 inflorescence, stolon drawing rope ability, each strain can be stolen stems more than 100 strains. Fruit long cone, the average single weight 15g, the largest 36g, fruit surface smooth, bright red, strong luster, small seeds, fine distribution, slightly concave fruit surface, fruit soft, red meat. Meat fine, juicy, sweet taste, excellent quality, soluble solids content of 11.2%, vitamin C53.7mg / 100g. Chunxu dormancy period is short, less demand for low temperature (40h or less), heat, drought, but also low temperature, more resistant to powdery mildew. High yield is good, greenhouse cultivation per mu yield in 2000kg or so. Chunxu strawberry in Nanjing in mid to late December fruit began to mature, harvest period can be continued until the end of May the following year. Spring as strawberry suitable facilities to promote cultivation.

Specification For Strawberry
Frozen Strawberry
100% frozen strawberries
whole, 6mm pieces, 10mm pieces,12mm pieces,puree
Total Plate Count
max 50,000 cfu/ g
10 kg per carton with food-grade PE bag folded inside and carton outer
Shelf Life
24 months under proper storage & handling conditions
Keep in cool
Supply Ability
2000 tons per year
20 tons

Main Benefit

1)Protect eyesight

Strawberry is rich in carotene and vitamin A, can alleviate the night blindness, with the maintenance of epithelial tissue health, eyesight Liver, promote growth and development effect.

2)Help digestion, anti-constipation

Strawberry is rich in dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote gastrointestinal digestion, improve constipation, prevention of acne, colorectal cancer.

Packing & Delivery
whole, 6mm pieces, 10mm pieces,12mm pieces

Packaging Details
10 kg per carton with food-grade PE bag folded inside and carton outer
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