Delicious Instant Salted Soybean In Pods From China
Excellent varieties, strict selection and classification, adhere to organic farming.Blanch at 96 degrees Celsius and cook without defrosting
Instant Whole Sweet Corn
Product Name:Vacuum Package Whole Sweet CornSpecification:Made of soybean16-18cm or as buyer’s requirementsPackage:Vacuum packageCertificat
Good Taste Instant Salted Soybean In Pods
Product descriptionZGF GROUP Honor ProductsSelect fresh, ripe soybeans, washed and processed.The main flavor is salty, and soy makes for a d
Instant Spinach Drink Powder
RELATED PRODUCTS100% natural fruit powder. Rich in Vitamin C and preservative-free. Add six kinds of nutrients (vitamin C, vitamin A, Victor
Instant Mung Bean Drink Powder
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Vacuum package sweet corn cut
PICTURE SHOW RELATED PRODUCTSProduct descriptionZGF GROUP Honor ProductsProduct Name:Vacuum package sweet corn cut Style:FreshOrigin:Gong
Isntant Seaweed
PICTURE SHOW RELATED PRODUCTS FDA, ISO and HACCP approved. No any chemical added. no any chemicals added. FDA, HACCP and ISO approved.
Instant Delicious Sweet Corn
PICTURE SHOWRELATED PRODUCTSProduct descriptionZGF GROUP Honor ProductsSelect fresh corn as raw material, adopt advanced FPS technology, fiv
Instant Sweet Corn
PICTURE SHOWRELATED PRODUCTSProcessed from Immature yellow sweet corn, properly husked, blanched to inactivate the enzymes, and freezing ful
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