Dried black fungus
picture showZGF GROUP Honor ProductsBrown and black.dry throat
Dried flower mushroom
picture shoZGF GROUP Honor ProductsIn the more modern mushroom farms, Shiitake mushrooms are grown in plastic-bag logs filled with wood subs
Dried grifola frondosa
picture showZGF GROUP Honor ProductsIt has a large fruiting body andoverlapping caps. Maitake is increasingly being recognized as a potent s
Dried hericium
picture showZGF GROUP Honor Productsthird testing,Dried Hericium Erinaceus Mushroommushroom varieties,hericium erinaceus,different types of
Dried morel
picture showZGF GROUP Honor ProductsMorchella is also called morel.Dried wild morel mushroomsmorel mushrooms indiana,dried morel mushroom
Dried nameko
picture showZGF GROUP Honor ProductsNameko are one of the best tasting mushrooms in the world, it also have a high value of medicine.Dried N
Dried tremella
picture showZGF GROUP Honor ProductsLow fat,high protein,good taste.Dried White Fungus Dried Tremellawhite fungus,white mushroom nutrition,
Dried white button mushroom
picture showZGF GROUP Honor ProductsWhen dried Mushrooms are properly rehydrated, they look, cook and taste just like fresh, especially in a
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