Good Taste IQF Sugar Snap Pea
Sugar Snap Peas,IQF sugar snap peas,snap peas,frozen snap peas
Good Grade IQF Orange Red Sweet Potato Dices
Iqf diced sweet potato,orange sweet potato dice,sweet potato dices,orange red sweet potato dices
Good Grade IQF Yellow Sweet Potato Dices
IQF Sweet Potato dices,healthy sweet potato fries, Potato dices,diced potato
Good Grade Frozen Green Asparagus Bean
frozen green asparagus bean,quality of frozen green beans,green asparagus bean
Good Taste Fresh Chinese Leek
Fresh chinese leek is heath,tastes good and have high nutritional value.
IQF Bamboo Shoot Strips
bamboo shoots strips, iqf vegetables,bamboo shoot strips,bamboo shoot,frozen bamboo shoot strips,iqf bamboo shoot strips
IQF Bamboo Shoot Slices For Sale
sliced bamboo shoots, IQF bamboo, bamboo,bamboo shoots,frozen bamboo shoots
High Quality IQF Nameko Mushrooms
IQF nameko mushrooms,nameko mushrooms,nameko,frozen nameko mushrooms
HOT SELLING IQF Pumpkin Chunks
iqf pumpkin chunks,pumpkin chunks,pumpkin
HOT SELLING IQF Cross Cut Shiitake Mushroom
shiitake mushrooms,Cut Shiitake Mushroom
2019 New Crop IQF whole Shiitake Mushroom
IQF frozen whole shiitake mushrooms are processed from clean harvested whole shiitake by trimming, washing, sterilizing, freezing and packing. shiitake mushroom recipegrowing mushroomsmushroom cultivationmushroom farmingshiitake mushroom
High Quality IQF Cut Romano Bean
Iqf Romano Beans Cut,Romano Bean,Romano Beans Cut,frozen vegetable,frozen Romano Beans
Good Taste Vacuum Dried  Balsam Pear Slices
Vacuum dried balsam pear slices,balsam pear slices,balsam pear,dried balsam pear slices
BQF Chopped Green Spinach Block
Frozen Spinach Block,bqf chopped spinach,bqf spinach,spinach,bqf spinach block
Dried Whole Corn
Natural corn has many health benefits.this is green food
IQF Whole Corn
Natural corn has many health benefits.this is green food
HOT SELLING IQF Frozen Peeled Broad Beans
frozen vegetable IQF peeled broad beans
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