Why is this bean called peas in China and Chinese beans in the Netherlands?

(1) At the beginning, people in the practical pea (scientific name: Pisum sativum) are only eating the beans inside.
(2) Then in the southern part of China, which is close to Southeast Asia, people have cultivated a kind of peas that can eat pods. We call it peas, which is called "Chinese snow peas" in English, sometimes referred to as "snow peas" or "Chinese peas". Named Pisum sativum var.saccharatun, the pea seedling is its bud.
(3) Then there is another pea (snap pea) that eats pods, the name is Pisum sativum var.macrocarpon, we call sweet beans, and the pods are more drums. Finally, the Americans crossed the beans of (2) and (3), and the sweet snap pea (4) appeared, which is suitable for full raw food.
Why are we calling (2) Dutch beans? It should be that Dutch vegetable breeding is relatively strong, so it is linked together and has nothing to do with the Dutch.
Of course, in the discussion of disturbances, some people said that this bean is related to the Netherlands: "Because it was introduced to the Chinese world when the Dutch colonized Taiwan, it is called the Dutch bean in China. It does not mean the origin, and similar situations. There are - artichokes, saffron, etc. PS: peas are divided into soft peas and hard peas, and peas, golden beans, and sweet beans are soft peas."
I am not sure, what peas, peas, sweet beans, as well as lentils, cowpeas... Many times, Xiaobian is collectively referred to as: beans. However, as a foodie, as long as things are delicious, it seems that it is not so important... What do you think?
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