Are frozen vegetables nutritious?You have to understand the benefits of frozen vegetables

Vegetables are an indispensable part of a fitness meal. They can provide vitamins and minerals for People's Daily needs. However, many health friends say they don't have time to buy fresh vegetables every day.Perhaps some health friends are very confused, frozen vegetables and nutrition?Why eat frozen food when it's fresh?In fact, frozen vegetables are not as nutritious as fresh vegetables.1. What are the benefits of frozen vegetables1. Easier storageFrozen vegetable is the vegetable that picks directly, put freezer room to freeze directly, can extend the shelf life of vegetable so 1~2 months, the healthy friend that often buys vegetable in large quantities should know to put freezer vegetable, rotted not a few days.2. Comprehensive nutrition preservationThe longer a vegetable is kept fresh, the more nutrients it loses. When frozen, it doesn't affect its mineral, vitamin or dietary fiber content.3. Save time and effortFrozen vegetables are more convenient when they are processed, they can be steamed or boiled. Moreover, frozen vegetables are very easy to make by yourself. Buying large quantities of food and freezing them at one time can not only keep the food from spoilage, but also save time and facilitate the preparation.

Which vegetables are good to freezeGenerally more common to see is miscellaneous vegetables, namely green beans, carrots, corn kernels, and other vegetables and fruits, such as broccoli, beans, blueberries, cabbage and so onHow to make frozen vegetablesWhen choosing frozen vegetables, first choose fresh and hydrated vegetables, then prepare a plastic bag and label, and finally freeze the food. Here are some examples:1. Food preparationBerries (blueberries, raspberries), cherry tomatoes, cabbage, green beans, corn kernels washed, carrots diced, broccoli/cauliflower broke small blanch for 3 minutes, color pepper shred, cut, cut, mushroom slices, blanch asparagus for 3 minutes, bean blanching for 3 minutes cut2, put into the plastic bag label3. RefrigerateHow to cook frozen vegetables1. The vitamins in the dish are water-soluble, so avoid boiling for too long in the process of making, and try to use steaming method to avoid the loss of vitamins;2. After defrosting, stir in the salad.3. Put it into the oven, add proper seasoning and make it into roasted vegetables;4, rice mixed into a braised rice, Fried rice.

From the above understanding, we know that, in fact, frozen vegetables are not worse than fresh vegetables. On the contrary, they are more nutritious, easier to preserve and more comprehensive, and they save time and effort in cooking.So if you buy a lot of vegetables at one time, the best way to keep them from rotting and losing nutrients is to freeze them in the freezer

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