15 vegetables and fruits are only as nutritious as they are frozen. Are you eating them right?


When it comes to buying vegetables and fruits, people always think fresh is the best, but it is not.Some vegetables and fruits are healthier and more nutritious when frozen. In addition, frozen vegetables and fruits are relatively cheap.Want to know which vegetables and fruits are like this?


1. Broccoli.We can make all kinds of simple dishes with frozen broccoli.Frozen broccoli costs much less, but it doesn't lose important nutrients when it's frozen.

 2. Green beans.Frozen green beans only need to be defrosted or steamed quickly before serving

 3. Peas.Frozen peas can be used in some dishes that need to be fresh. Fresh peas are expensive and time-consuming to make.But freezing peas is much easier.They retain most of the important nutrients.

4. Spinach.Frozen spinach is a great addition to pizza and many other foods

5. Soy.According to several studies, frozen legumes have significantly higher levels of thiamine than canned foods.You can rest assured to buy frozen mung beans, whether it is juice or porridge are special nutrition delicious.

  6. Raspberries.You can use them in smoothies and mix them together, or you can use them to prepare delicious sauces, empanadas, barbecue sauces, marinades and vinaigrettes.

 7. Blackberry.Frozen blackberries blend perfectly on a mixed berry pie and are the centerpiece of a dish.

 8. Peaches.Frozen peaches are also extremely tasty and open the door to a new world.

 9.Cabbage.Cabbage can be pickled, made into coleslaw, or frozen.

 10.Carrots.Carrots are more nutritious because they get beta-carotene when frozen.

 11. Jalapeno.These peppers are another vegetable that can see an increase in beta-carotene when frozen, which can be added when cooking to provide a bit of calories and extra nutrients to your favorite dish, according to the report.

 12. Sweet potatoes.Frozen sweet potatoes taste sweeter and crisper when cooked.

 13. Fern.The bracken is blanched before freezing, and when frozen, they are preserved for up to a year and remain high in nutrients

14. Corn.Frozen corn contains more calcium than fresh corn, and one of the favorite foods on the American dinner table is frozen corn.

15. White asparagus.White asparagus contains a lot of fiber. It grows under mounds of soil and is not exposed to light, so frozen white asparagus has no reduction in fiber content.

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