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IQF sliced strawberry
  • IQF sliced strawberry
  • IQF sliced strawberry
  • IQF sliced strawberry

IQF sliced strawberry

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Processed from freshly picked without stalks and calyces, ripe and   firm, fully coloured strawberry, washed, freezing, fully complying with  GMP, metal detected.

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Sensory analysis 

Appearance / Color:     uniform red 

Smell:                 typical

Taste:                 typical

Consistency:           firm but tender


Dia: 22-35mm

Variety  M13

Microbiological and chemical characteristics

Total count 30℃:         ≤10x105/ g     

Total Coliform:           ≤1000 / g      

E. Coli:                ≤10 / g       

Yeasts and moulds   5000 / g

Staphylococcus Aureus  100 / g

Listeria monocytogenes  Absent / 25g

Salmonella ( 25 g)   Absent / 25 g

Tolerances /500g

Welding (number)       4

FM          0

EFVM         0

EVM (number)       1

Under-ripe (number)      10

Major Blemish (number)      2

Minor Blemish (number)      8

Damaged (number)      8 

Attached calyx/stalk (number)    4

Oversize/undersize      15%

Shelf live:          24 month by –18 degrees celsius

Freezing:           I.Q.F. –40 degrees Celsius

Technically, the strawberry is a collection of fruit, which is not part of the fleshy part of the ovary from the plant, but that the ovary socket. Each of the obvious seeds (achenes) outside of the fruit is actually a flower ovary with a seed inside.

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fperennial herbs, 10-40 cm tall. Stems less than or equal to leaves, densely open. Leaves three, leaflets with short, thick, or rhombic obovate, dark green above and below a few greenish white, glabrous, sparsely hairy, dense along veins; petiole densely spreading yellow puberulent. Cymes, inflorescence a short handle under the mask of leaflets; flowers bisexual; sepals ovate, slightly longer than epicalyx; petals white, suborbicular or obovate elliptic. Aggregate fruit large, persistent sepals erect, close to the tip of the fruit; achenes ovoid, smooth. Florescence 4-5 month, fruit period 6-7 month


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