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IQF chopped collard green
  • IQF chopped collard green

IQF chopped collard green

frozen vegetable IQF chopped collard green

The product are prepared from fresh collard green by an appropriate freezing process in accordance to good commercial practice.

Sensory analysis


Color : natural bright green uniform;


Texture: firm but tender


Taste: natural


Flavor: typical for the product




Size: 10mm

Microbiological and chemical characteristics            


Total count :            100000 / g   


Coliform:                <500/g     


E. Coli :                <10/g

Shelf live:24 month by –18 degrees celsius

Freezing: I.Q.F.–40 degrees Celsius


 biennial herbs, edible cabbage (cabbage) horticultural varieties. The structure and shape of the cabbage is very similar, the difference lies in the kale center will not be rolled up. The cultivation of a year plant formation of rosette leaves, the winter temperature in the flowering and fruiting. Racemose inflorescences, flowering from 4 to May, anthophilous, fruit is oblate, seed pod, spherical, brown, weight 4 grams. Horticultural varieties of morphological diversity can be divided according to the height of high type and low type; according to the morphology of the leaf, and curly curly divided leaves deep variety; according to the color, edge, green leaves Youcui dark green, gray green, yellow green, white, yellow, the center has leaf color, rose red, purple and other products. Kale is very popular in the United States, because the calcium rate is 10%, vitamin A133%, vitamin C134%.


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