New Frozen Food
New Frozen Food
frozen vegetable iqf frozen solo garlic
  • frozen vegetable iqf frozen solo garlic

frozen vegetable iqf frozen solo garlic

frozen solo garlic

1. Manufacturing process:

(1) clear material cleaning and manual testing before production to remove skin.

(2) garlic sauce packaging 10kg food grade imported cartons and then quickly frozen, and the core of the temperate zone reached minus 18dc

2. Storage and shelf life conditions:

The product is maintained at a temperature of minus 18dc or less to maintain the conditions it needs to achieve a shelf life of 24 months in the unopened package.

Three. Physical description:

(1) color: typical white garlic

(2): the typical smell of mashed garlic, no foreign odor and stain.

(3) flavor: garlic flavor characteristics.

(4) no foreign materials, such as insects, soil, glass, hair, etc..

Frozen garlic slices

4. Chemical description:

The product does not contain additives and preservatives, products comply with the current legislation on the use of pesticides in food.

5. Description of microorganisms:

(1) t.v.c. < 2000cfu / g

(2) yeast 500cfu / g

(3) die 500cfu / g

(4) Salmonella

(5) pathogenic bacteria

(6) coliform group was zero

(7) Escherichia coli zero

Products are microbial sounds and suitable for human consumption.

Single garlic, also known as garlic, garlic head monobulb, single bubble garlic, garlic or pearl, is a kind of garlic (garlic). Single particle size of about 25 to a diameter of 50 mm. It has the taste of garlic, but relatively mild fragrance. It looks a bit like pickled onions, white skin and purple stripes. Compared with the traditional garlic, garlic has a strong fast and easy to peel.


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